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Du verlässt jetzt die Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children Website, um eine andere Website für Kinder oder Erwachsene zu besuchen, die auch interessant ist und Spaß macht.  OK, aber bitte denk dran, auf Sicherheit zu spielen!  Gib niemals persönliche Informationen an irgendjemanden weiter, ohne vorher die Eltern oder einen für dich verantwortlichen Erwachsenen um Erlaubnis zu bitten!

Vielleicht kommt tatsächlich ein Erwachsener mit auf deine Reise!

Das macht viel mehr Spaß, als alleine zu reisen!

Hab eine Menge Spaß auf deinen Reisen und komm bald wieder zurück!

OK! Danke, dass ich an die Sicherheit erinnert wurde! Ich bleibe hier und besuche diese andere Website später!

X libris - DylanLand

Ich heisse Dylan,
und dies ist mein Blog!




Highlights from Dylan's blog at Heckery Dekkery Kids:

March 14, 2012:

Hey guys it’s Dylan again. So, I’m typing this on a German computer, so it’s different for me. If you guys have an Xbox 360, i’m playing Halo Reach alot, so you might see me on there. I’m in the middle of taking the PSSA. The reading part of it is such a drag. The math is fun, but it’s not like I’d do it all day . . . .


January 31, 2012:

Hi, I'm Dylan!

I play a game called ROBLOX. You'll have to take a look at my brilliant profile in the really cool game at  I advise you check me out there!

I walk to school with my friends every morning. I take Cyberkids in school on Wednesdays. I'm in APEX at school. It's a program for the gifted. In it, we're doing Shakespeare. Unfortunately, I have to be the father of a girl in my grade who's 50-50 with my friendship. T_T Oh well, I guess I have to live with it.

Last Sunday, I went to my friend's B-day party! It was bowling! I was the worst there, sadly... but I still had fun. It was an angry bird themed party. Now, back to ROBLOX. If you sign up, put AwesomeSuperVegeta in the referral box. Then, if you get any form of Builder's Club, we both get 400 robux! :D As you can see, I can get a little over excited. Anyway, I highly advise you join ROBLOX. It's not just games. It's also like Facebook or Twitter! I like to collect things, like Limited items on ROBLOX. Or stuff related to Domo. I'm obsessed with ROBLOX, Domo, Jokes that have the answer as CHUCK NORRIS! I listen to songs by the band "Goldfish". Their songs are (I'm just naming some) We Come Together . . . .

There you go! Those are the lyrics to We Come Together. I think that's enough for now.

Until next time! Bye!

X libris - DylanLand - Wow! Look at this!Vergrößern X libris - DylanLand - Wow! Look at this!

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